66% Of Russians Look For Contractors Through Aggregator Sites And Search Engines

In 2020, about half of the survey participants conducted by Yandex.Services were more likely to look for masters on the Internet. In the future, 52% of them plan to search for performers primarily online, and the offline share will continue to decline.

The most popular craftsmen online are plumbers, 41% of respondents are looking for them. 34% of respondents are looking for online electricians and computer craftsmen. 32% of respondents are looking for beauty professionals online.

Online search for couriers and repairmen are used by 31% of survey participants.

At the same time, Russians are looking online for performers even for expensive orders, with the highest job ticket being a request for house renovation with a budget of 5 million rubles.

Yandex.Services notes that the number of performers on the service has doubled over the year. The pandemic had a strong impact on the performers: 64% of the craftsmen noted the fall in business. Those who were able to quickly move from offline to online adapted best to the new conditions.

The worst hit were performers in the Beauty category, with 83% of artists affected by the decline. The situation is slightly better for tutors (a drop in 56% of respondents), builders and repairmen (58%), as well as domestic helpers (57%).

What Is Yandex.Services (Яндекс.Услуги)?

Yandex.Services  is a service that connects contractors with potential customers.

Both an individual and an organization can post information about services:

  • Create a profile of a specialist or organization.
  • Create cards with their description.

Source: Research Yandex. Services 

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