Attraction Ratings Have Appeared In Yandex search

Landmarks ratings have appeared in browsers on smartphones and in the Yandex app. For example, in response to the query “what to see in Moscow”, the search will show a gallery of the places that other users liked the most.

Что посмотреть в Москве

The name, ratings, and a short description are immediately visible under the photo. This will help you not to miss out on the best travel experiences.

The same rating of attractions can be seen in a special dossier card. It appears if you enter the name of the city into the Search.

Note that the share of Yandex in the Russian search market (including search on mobile devices) in the first quarter of 2021 was 60.0%. In the first quarter of 2020, it was 58.1%, and in the fourth quarter of 2020 – 59.7%.


Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor is an experienced SEO consultant and has worked with brands and companies on optimizing for Russia (and Yandex) for a number of years. Winner of the inaugural 2018 TechSEO Boost competition, webmaster at and Sloth.Cloud, and founder of