Bank of Russia To Add Access Points To Financial Services To Yandex.Maps

The Bank of Russia wants to create a unified map of the location of access points to financial services. This is mentioned in the report of the regulator on the development of the financial sector until 2024. Central Bank data will be displayed based on the Yandex.Maps service.

In March, the regulator made a purchase for the development of this service and entered into an agreement with Yandex, the purchase was declared invalid since only Yandex submitted an application for participation, the service “2GIS” belonging to Sberger did not participate in the purchase.

Thus, the data of the Bank of Russia on financial institutions will be added to Yandex.Maps. This data will be integrated into the browser and mobile versions of the map service with a branded section. The creation of a branded section will make it possible to unambiguously identify the ownership of the data on the card to the Bank of Russia.

The map with access points will also be displayed on the official website of the Central Bank and in the mobile application “Central Bank Online”. The Central Bank is ready to spend 62 million rubles on the project.

According to the regulator, the map of the availability of financial services will facilitate the monitoring of those groups of citizens and businesses that may be at risk of digital inequality. Especially considering that the Internet does not yet cover all inhabited territories of Russia: not all consumers are ready to refuse service in physical access points in favor of remote service.

On Yandex.Maps, you can still find ATMs, and banks themselves, like almost any organization throughout the country, find out contacts, and so on.

It is the official nature of the information that the Bank of Russia will transmit for placement on the map that is the main difference from the information that is already available on map services. Aggregated information under the brand of the Bank of Russia will also help reduce the risks of using the services of illegal organizations, as well as save time for checking the relevance of information.

After the implementation of the Central Bank data, Yandex.Maps users will have several categories of points: offices (and remote service points with employees) of banks, microfinance organizations, credit consumer cooperatives, pawnshops, insurance entities, professional participants in the securities market. The card will also indicate post offices where you can conduct banking transactions, ATMs, cashless payment terminals, as well as cash-out points.

The data will be added to Maps, one at a time, and at the end of 2021, it is planned to place subdivisions and remote service points with bank employees, post offices, ATMs, and cash-out points on the map. All other categories will appear in the first half of 2022. At the same time, Yandex.Maps users will be able to choose the categories and types of points they want to see on their own.

Dan Taylor
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