Can Yandex Index SPAs Now?

In the Russian SEO forums, a user has provided evidence that Yandex may be now capable of indexing SPA (single page application) websites.

Yandex’s JavaScript crawling/indexing capabilities have been questioned for sometime, however publicly they have stated that they need plain HTML in both forum responses, and in their official webmaster help documentation.

In addition to not being able to render content served by JavaScript, Yandex have also confirmed they don’t currently crawl links served by JS (as you’d imagine):

However, forum user piatachki has shared the below via the forum: Unlikely, but it seems Yandex has indexed the SPA

Whilst piatachki hasn’t shared details of the site in question (at the time of writing), they wrote:

The situation is this: for the third month I have been drinking SPA on a pure angular without SSR, pre-rendering and html versions. In short, it simply cannot be indexed by yash. Attendance – 0, Metric is not connected, sitemap is missing, there are no external links. Saw on Linux in pure firefox in incognito. The site was added to Google Search Console and Ya.Webmaster. Google is slowly indexing (but no visits, I’m sure). Yandex at the beginning of January pulled one page without the DOM, since it does not know how to use SPA. And today I come in, I started gutting the site on February 23rd. The urls are the freshest.

With the screenshot:

piatachki’s screenshot on the forums

At the time of writing, no further information is known around this development.


Dan Taylor
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