Earth Day: Yandex Eats Demand Surges, Eco-Friendliness Not Forgotten

On Earth Day 2020, Yandex has shared an image and a message re-affirming their commitment to making the Yandex Eats service as eco-friendly as possible, such as eliminating excessive packaging and providing recycling instructions to customers.

The Yandex Eats image shared by Yandex on Twitter

Yandex Eats was first announced in 2018, and has been rolled out to 24 cities across Russia, offering foods from more than 6,500 restaurants.

Maxim Firsov, the CEO of Yandex.Eats, quoted in 2008 that:

Yandex.Eats has expanded quickly since its launch, more than tripling its restaurants, adding over 20 new cities, and now receiving eight times as many orders.  One of the key features of Yandex.Eats is the delivery speed, which is critical for customers.  Our team optimizes delivery times by using Yandex’s machine learning, maps and data analysis technologies.  The Yandex.Eats platform integrates our logistics optimization algorithms and the best routing tools in Russia to predict demand and calculate optimal routes for our delivery teams.

Yandex also shared this infographic sharing some user insight data into how consumers are using the Eats platform:

Consumer insights shared by the Yandex Eats team
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