How Have Webmasters Reacted To Commercial Results Filtering

Earlier this month, a new feature appeared within Yandex search results pages, allowing users to quickly filter results to show only those offering commercial value propositions.

At the same time, it was noticed that a Yandex Ad CTA appeared next to it. This CTA pulled through WordStat data for the exact query, and advocated using paid ads to target these users.

So, given this new change in Yandex SERPS – how have Webmasters on the RuNet responded to the changes.

Webmaster Reactions & Feedback

One element of the “only commercial” filter that Webmasters have highlighted is that it seems to remove the GEO nature of Yandex SERPs, and will pull through commercial results from other regions (almost like a holistic, Russia wide result):

According to “only commercial”, it seems, shows without geo binding and is rigidly tied to commercial factors, and it seems that everything is cut off at all, because information on commercial sites also gets to the top well.

SEO Sergey Efimov also commented that:

Before judging what they did, state their task when they did.

If the task sounds like this:

  1. find out the demand for the option (ctr of pressing the button);
  2. rank everything by commercial factor (conditionally).

Then the task is completed one way or another. The assessment of the completion of the task will be given by the one who set it.

But the function itself works through the ass, there is no dispute. Of course, on LAN (-)), it may have given a normal result, but not. By the way, there is one more interesting nuance, even 2. There are many shops from the Market and advertisements on maps, from a reference book and other things, and in the issuance there are quite large comrades in terms of assortment.

The absence of the same Eldorado is difficult to explain due to some telephone inquiries (he, as I understand it, returned to the Market). Perhaps the algorithm was abandoned for training and more involvement in commercial services (which is logical).

Other users have also highlighted that it is odd that there is little to no Yandex Direct adverts appearing on a number of these commercial only results pages.

Generally feedback has been mixed, with Webmasters not overly showing concern that it will affect them.

How this data transpires into Yandex Webmaster Tools (as impressions etc) is yet to be wholly clarified.



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Dan Taylor
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