How Yandex.Market Calculates Quality Scores Has Become Clearer

The calculation of the store quality index in the Yandex.Market office has become clearer: now you can see what influenced the indicators and how they changed in dynamics directly from the summary.

When you click on “View details” in the block about the quality index, a separate page opens with all the information about the calculation of the quality index of a particular store.

It also contains all the useful links for working with the index, tips on improving the quality of work, and how to get more orders.

Business account owners and administrators have access to a pivot table with metrics for all stores registered in the business account.

In the block about the quality index on the summary of the business account, the “View details” button also appeared, clicking on which, you can get to the table with all the current indicators. Stores can be filtered by model and constraints due to index.

In October 2021, the Market updated the logic for calculating the quality index for FBS and DBS models.

Stores no longer need to confirm shipment to the delivery service. If the partner shipped the order on time but did not transfer the status to the marketplace, this will not affect the quality index. The button for transferring the status still remains in the personal account, but will soon be completely removed.

Source: Yandex Market

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