.Market Launches Delivery Of Some Orders “By The Hour” In Moscow

Yandex.Market has launched in Moscow the delivery of orders “by the hour” – the buyer will be able to choose a specific day and a convenient hour interval.

Such delivery can be selected when ordering on the marketplace: you need to select courier delivery, and then the day and the desired time interval. The service costs the same as the usual courier delivery of the Market, in Moscow from 49 rubles. For Plus subscribers – free of charge when ordering from 699 rubles.

When delivering “by the hour”, the service will bring the order to the nearest mini-warehouse, and from there the courier will deliver the parcel to the address. An hour before delivery, the company will call and remind you about it. For now, orders will be delivered by couriers-partners of Yandex.Lavka, and in the future by partners of the Market.

If on a specific day all hour intervals are busy, the user will be able to choose delivery on the same date, but with an increased interval – for example, during the day. As soon as the courier receives the order from the marketplace, the user will receive an SMS with a link: using it, you can track the courier’s movement and your number in the general queue.

Hourly intervals are available for goods marked “Yandex Delivery” and when paying for the purchase immediately on the marketplace. The product must be less than 50 cm on each side, weigh less than 10 kg and be less than 50 thousand rubles.

Restrictions on weight and dimensions are due to the fact that while orders are being delivered by Lavka’s couriers, they will be removed when Market partners are connected (except for large-sized equipment).

Market sellers can connect delivery “by the hour” if they work on the marketplace using the FBS model (they pack goods themselves and bring them to a sorting center or an order pick-up point, and the site delivers). Providers who fall into the test area will automatically connect to the service.

Source: VC.ru

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