Navigator Can Now Build Routes For Trucks Taking Into Account Tonnage & Size

Yandex have added “special” routes for trucks and large freight vehicles to the Navigator application.

These routes take into account user specified vehicle dimensions, weight, axle load, ecological class and other parameters.

The service is currently available in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

To build routes taking into account restrictions, drivers need to change the mode from passenger to truck in the Navigator menu, and specify the truck parameters in the “Truck navigation” section.

The new truck mode in Yandex Navigator.

In addition to Navigator, Yandex has added this feature to the web version of Maps, and to the Routing platform, which is used by logistics, courier and other companies.

In December 2019, a similar feature was added to Navigator in which it highlighted which roads were restricted to 2.5 ton (and higher) vehicles.

Dan Taylor
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