New Product Categories In Yandex.Market Analytics

n Yandex.Market Analytics, 10 more categories of goods have become available, for which the Market provides analytical data to its partners.

There are now 790 categories in total.

Also in Analytics, you can now compare data for a month, week, or day with data of the same period for the last year in one report. To do this, in the “Category” report, open the “Settings” → “Compare with the previous year” section.

Yandex.Market Analytics Categories

In addition, more information has appeared in the Most Popular Products report:

  • It now contains data for all products. This allows you to get more complete information about the state of the market. For some products, values ​​are shown as a range of numbers to avoid revealing store sales information.
  • Added indicators “Search queries” and “Share of search queries”. They allow you to assess the popularity of a product based on search queries from Yandex users. This information can be taken into account, for example, when planning purchases and for evaluating marketing campaigns.
  • The full version of the report now contains data on the main technical characteristics of goods. This helps to understand what properties the most popular models have. So far, this information is only available in the interface, but soon it will be possible to download reports with the technical characteristics of goods in XLS.
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