Russia Ranks 9th For Valid SSL Certificates

The largest hosting provider and domain registrar in Russia, REG.RU, and the oldest certification center, GlobalSign, have provided data which countries have the most valid SSL certificates and ranked them.

Russia still ranks 9th in the ranking, ahead of Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain.

The United States remains at the top of the table, and Japan took third place. Also this year, China entered the top 10 countries coming in the tenth spot.

The top ten countries by the number of valid SSLs are as follows:

  1. United States – 45,619,376
  2. Germany – 6,841,157
  3. Japan – 2,410,826
  4. United Kingdom – 2,397,158
  5. The Netherlands – 2,215,705
  6. France – 2,058,494
  7. Denmark – 1,607,158
  8. Canada – 1,407,358
  9. Russia – 1,325,999
  10. China – 1,115,118

SSL Certificates In Russia

the spread of the COVID-19 virus has had an impact on the economies of almost all countries and industries. Due to the pandemic situation since the beginning of 2020, there is a slight lag in the growth of SSL certificates compared to the same period last year, which affected most countries.

For example, in Russia in February this year, the number of SSL certificates amounted to 1,476,822, in March it fell to 1,297,920, but in April a slight increase began, and the total number grew to 1,325,999 certificates, which speaks if not about full recovery, then at least about the tendency to return to normal functioning.

The top 5 SSL certificate providers within this data were:

  • Let’s Encrypt ~960k
  • CloudFlare ~110k
  • DigiCert ~85k
  • GlobalSign ~75k
  • Sectigo Ltd ~55k

Alexey Korolyuk the General Director at REG.RU has gone on record to say:

The number of new SSL certificates is growing every year, which is important for protecting user data, and this trend will only intensify. Among the reasons for the growth are not only economic conditions that stimulate businesses to go online, but also others. For example, the growth of users using smartphones to access the internet. Mobile operators use HTTP traffic, showing ads on it. This further encourages domain owners to install SSL.

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