Russia Wants To Create A Register Of Toxic Content

A catalog of toxic content may appear in Russia. Igor Ashmanov, a member of the Russian Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC), founder of the Kribrum company, spoke about the development of the project.

I wrote a concept on how to create a Wikipedia-like directory of toxic content.

Ashmanov plans to present the idea to Vladimir Putin.

The idea of ​​the project came about during the work of the autonomous non-profit organization Center for the Study and Network Monitoring of the Youth Environment to search the Internet for prohibited content about “school shooters” and “suicides,”. There is a huge gray area that serves to involve people already in prohibited activities. Creating a toxic content registry is a way to do something about this gray area – content that won’t be banned anytime soon.

The author of the idea considers information about violence, the danger of vaccinations, radical feminism, refusal to have children, and the promotion of LGBT and bestiality as toxic content.

Ashmanov suggests “blocking, cleaning, downgrading, removing from platforms” toxic content, follows from the presentation. He proposes to maintain a registry of such information by an “open community” and to define categories of content in the process of “open public comment”. The content is supposed to be labeled according to the degree of toxicity – from prohibited to undesirable.

Dan Taylor
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