Samsung Has Provided Users’ Smartphones with Non-removable Yandex Services

Samsung began installing Yandex applications on smartphones of users, citing new legislative requirements on the mandatory pre-installation of Russian software.

On March 29, users of devices of some brand lines received an operating system update, in which they got Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Disk and Yandex.Maps, which cannot be deleted.

It is noteworthy that the requirements of the law do not apply to devices manufactured before January 1, and even more so to equipment already in use by citizens.

The press service of the Ministry of Digital Development clarified that the pre-installation requirement applies to devices manufactured after April 1. But, as noted in the ministry, individual manufacturers could start installation earlier.

Samsung acknowledges that the law does not imply changes for devices already in use. Nevertheless, taking into account the technical features, the system software is updated for the entire model range.

According to a Samsung representative, “most” of the preinstalled applications can be completely uninstalled, and for those that cannot be uninstalled, the icon can be removed from the device screen.

Experts are sure that in this case such a decision is related to commercial agreements between Yandex and Samsung and has nothing to do with the implementation of the law.

Yandex claims that they never ask any of the manufacturers to make the company’s applications non-removable:

We are against it, because it is bad for users to do this. We have not signed agreements with phone manufacturers about this, and purely humanly agree with everyone who is indignant – yes, you cannot do that. We have studied the law of presets. In our opinion, there is no non-removability requirement there.

The company turned to Samsung and other vendors with a request not to install Yandex applications on gadgets without the possibility of uninstalling.


Dan Taylor
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