State Standards For AI To Be Introduced By 2022

State standards for artificial intelligence will appear in Russia. NRU “Higher School of Economics” will be engaged in their development. The project budget will amount to over 100 million rubles.

Rosstandart has been quoted as:

Standardization is a key factor in supporting state socio-economic policy, contributes to the development of fair competition and innovation, reducing technical barriers to trade, increasing the level of safety of life, health and property of citizens.

State standards will allow to streamline the use of AI in communication networks, in video analytics systems, in neural networks, systems for the provision of public services, alcohol control, in archives, in the real estate market, and other areas.

The lack of AI standards do not allow the use of these technologies in many important application areas, including, for example, education, where certain guarantees of the quality of the work of intelligent systems are required.

The final versions of more than 70 standards should be ready by the end of October 2022, but the first standards should be submitted by the end of 2021.



Dan Taylor
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