Study Shows 50% Of Russians Aged 16-55 Buy Online

Each year, Yandex and GfK Rus conduct research into the audience of Russian ecommerce stores.

The focus of the study is to answer questions about what proportion of Russians buy online, how often they do it, what motivates people to shop online, what stops them, and what payment and delivery methods they use.

The headline from this year’s research is that at least one in two Russians aged between 16 and 55 purchase goods or services online twice a year. This has increased by 18% in comparison to the same study last year, and almost doubled over the past 5 years.

In addition, the study found that 23% make online purchases at least once a week.

The main reason for Russians to buy online is the ability to compare prices and look for great deals; 58% of respondents named it in their list of reasons. Half of the respondents noted relatively low prices, about the same often indicated the opportunity to read reviews. An important reason to buy online this year was security concerns amid the coronavirus – one in five named it on their list of reasons.

You can read the full study, and view data, through the Yandex Research portal.


Dan Taylor
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