Transport And Maps Merged Into Single Application

Due to how both products have evolved over time with technology and user needs, Yandex is merging Transport and Maps into a single application.

The .Transport application will continue to work until May 2020, giving them time to make the transition over to Maps.

The .Maps application now does the same things in relation to showing users traffic information (and slow traffic areas), bus timetables and movements, as well as your personalized routes. All important information is automatically transferred over (for ease).

You can monitor the movement of buses in Maps in a special section, activated using the “Transport” button on the main screen. At the same time, the map will change – the icons of places and roads will be less noticeable and will not distract from the search for the desired bus. Bus stops will also become larger.

Maps, in real-time, shows the movement of buses, trolleybuses, trams, and minibusses in more than 70 cities across Russia.

The company plans to add a full transport schedule to Yandex.Maps and develop routing algorithms so that the application offers more options in future development phases.

Dan Taylor
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