Users Can Now Publish Pedestrian Routes On Yandex.Maps

Yandex.Maps has implemented a new feature, giving users the ability to publish pictures of pedestrian routes.

Now anyone can take a walk route and upload it to Yandex.Maps.

This is useful for people with limited mobility, parents with strollers, cyclists and anyone who cares about an obstacle-free road.

Photos of the streets will tell people whether it is possible to pass on foot, and whether or not the route leads to a dead-end.

You can film your route in the People’s Map mobile app. and all pictures are moderated, and once approved will appear in the web version of Yandex.Maps, and in other versions of Maps and applications fed by the Maps feed soon after.

Yandex specialists, and partners, have filmed more than 60km of Moscow streets. Most of the photographs show the walking trails inside the Boulevard Ring.

Street panoramas and photos within Yandex.Maps

Photos of hiking trails will help you not only navigate, but also update maps.

Already, computer vision automatically collects up-to-date information from them about road signs, markings and house numbers.

With the help of walking routes, it will be possible to collect even more information – for example, about the opening hours of organizations or about the presence of ramps at the entrance.

Recall that the People’s mobile map is an application for Android, with which you can take pictures of auto and walking routes, as well as check the map.

The “Mirrors” section appeared on Yandex.Maps in November 2019. It contains photographs of highways from all over Russia. Now you can build a route and see how it looked recently through the eyes of other users.

Dan Taylor
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