VK bought a share of Sape

Query Monitoring appeared in Yandex Webmaster
Query Monitoring appeared in Yandex Webmaster

VK Company LLC acquired a share of 18.36% in the authorized capital of the ecosystem for the promotion and monetization of SAPE sites, according to the company’s card in Spark.

Another share of 50.4% is owned by the Citiservice company, which, according to SPARK, operates in the travel agency industry and tour operators. 15.63% belong to the British investment company Ronero Investments Limited and Cyprus Sodha Investments Limited.

According to the results of 2021, the net profit of SAP LLC amounted to 13.6 million rubles, and the sales revenue – 220.3 million rubles.

Sape mentioned on the VKontakte social network, that the company is an ecosystem for promoting and monetizing sites. Among the services of the company offerings are LinkssSApe Linkbuilding Platform, a program for making money on media advertising RTBSApe, a system for attracting customers from geo-services and aggregators of Repometr reviews, an independent SEO-process for small businesses Wizardsape and a search promotion, reputation management, and local location company SEO business on online cards SAPE AGENCY.



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