Yandex Applies For Yandex.Bank and YaBank Trademarks

Yandex wants to register the trademarks Yandex.Bank and YaBank. Information about filing applications for their registration appeared in the “Kontur.Fokus” database.

Applications were submitted in August 2021.

The press service of Yandex, as usual, reported that the company often registers trademarks or technologies (patents), but not all of them will find application in the future. And this is completely normal practice for large IT companies.

Note that Yandex in 2020 has already applied to Rospatent with applications for registration of a number of trademarks related to financial services. In particular, an application for registration of the YABank trademark was also sent. Perhaps in view of the fact that the company completely changed its identity this spring, having developed a new font for logo designs, a reapplication was required.

Together with this trademark last year Yandex registered 16 more related to finance: YaKredit, YaBirzha, YaBroker, YaVklad, YaKapital, YaStrakhovka, YaSchet, YaPortfel, YaSaving ”,β€œ YaSaif ”,β€œ YaAkviring ”,β€œ YaPerevod ”,β€œ YaValyuta ”,β€œ YaTrade ”,β€œ YaAktsii ”andβ€œ YaKash ”.

In 2020 Yandex ceded its share in Yandex.Money to Sberbank in order to develop its own fintech services. And in April of this year, the company signed an agreement on the purchase of Acropolis Bank. As a result of the transaction, all Akropolis licenses, including the universal banking license, were transferred to Yandex.


Dan Taylor
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