Yandex.Business Will Place Ads for Entrepreneurs on Google Sites

he Yandex.Business Advertising Subscription now has more platforms where advertisers’ ads are placed. Google search results, as well as its partner applications and sites, have been added to Yandex Search, Maps, Services, Zen and the Advertising Network.

Consolidating large ad platforms into one subscription will save entrepreneurs from having to choose where to place their ads. Small businesses often have a limited budget and cannot test different channels. Ad subscription algorithms solve this problem by placing ads where they perform best and where there are more potential customers.

Yuri Ustinov, Yandex’s Head of Business (product) has been quoted in the Yandex press release saying:

An important task of our service is to save not only time, but also entrepreneurs’ money. Small businesses do not need to think about choosing sites, because Advertising subscription includes the largest ones. And you also don’t need to control how effectively the advertising budget is allocated. The algorithms themselves make sure that money is not wasted on broken ads.

Now small businesses will be able to get even more targeted customers for their budget, as the number of sites will increase, while the cost of the Advertising Subscription will not change. As before, it is calculated for a period of three months and depends on various factors, for example, the type of business, location, and the number of competitors.

Recall that the service for entrepreneurs Yandex.Business was introduced in November 2020. With its help, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses can easily organize work with clients, without spending time and effort studying the intricacies of advertising on the Internet.

According to Yandex, more than 30 thousand businesses from various fields currently use Advertising Subscriptions: beauty salons, auto repair shops, restaurants, and coworking spaces.


Dan Taylor
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