Yandex “Core” Business To Remain In Russia, But International Teams & Subsidaries Possible?

Query Monitoring appeared in Yandex Webmaster

Yandex management wrote an appeal to employees after the Israeli media wrote about the company’s plans to “move” to Israel and transport “hundreds” of IT specialists there.

The post was published in a closed Telegram channel for Yandex employees.

We have a lot of plans here on how to develop. We are a team of 18,000 employees, most of us live and work in Russia. This is our home, our home market, our headquarters.” There will be no radical change in the company’s priorities, despite the fact that “the context has changed.

At the same time, Yandex management did not rule out the possibility of new offices appearing in other countries if the company develops well in any region of the world or where there are “valuable specialists”.

In all our markets, we have 100+ million users, 100+ thousand business partners, and we will further develop services in all these countries. <…> Naturally, Yandex talent centers will appear where Yandex businesses themselves develop.

Earlier, on May 16, Yandex had already issued a refutation of information about the possible transfer of the company’s headquarters to Israel. The reason for the high-profile news, which initially appeared in the Israeli publication, was the error in translating the document that came to them from English into Hebrew. 


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