Yandex.Direct Introduces Free Analytics For Ad Calls

Yandex.Direct clients will be able to receive analytics on calls for various advertising campaigns at no additional cost. This will happen due to the appearance in Yandex.Direct of a special number for recording calls and collecting statistics. The new feature is already being tested as part of a closed beta and will be available to all advertisers by the end of summer.

In order to start collecting call statistics in Yandex.Direct, you will need to:

  1. Add an organization from the Directory to Direct and get the rights of a representative or owner for it.
  2. Then, when creating or editing your ad in Yandex.Direct, in the settings, select the phone number for collecting statistics issued by Yandex. This number can be used in different campaigns and get statistics for each ad.
Telephony statistics from paid advertisements

You can read more about connecting statistics on calls here.

Maria Savitskaya, the Head of Yandex.Direct has said:

You can collect analytics on calls from advertisements right now – using Yandex.Telephony or, for example, third-party call tracking. Our new call analytics solution is focused primarily on small businesses. It is simple, connects from the Direct interface and does not require additional payments. We know that for many small businesses, calls are one of the most important signals that advertising is working. To make advertising as useful as possible and worth your money, we recommend collecting statistics on calls and setting up optimization for them in your advertising campaigns.


Dan Taylor
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