Yandex.Drive Launch Moscow Car Subscription Service

In Moscow, Yandex.Drive have launched a car subscription service allowing users to effectively subscribe to a vehicle for one month or six months, with the registration, maintenance and insurance of the vehicle all apart of the package.

Anastasia Adilova, the Chief Operating Officer of Yandex.Drive was quoted in the press release:

Subscription is a new product, where you can use the machine as your own, and manage all processes through a mobile application.

Both new cars and cars from the Drive park will be available: Mercedes, BMW, Škoda, Volkswagen and Nissan Leaf electric cars. Due to the variety of brands, different models can be tried.

By the beginning of the rental, Drive will bring a clean and refueled car to the address.

The application will also have access to keyless access to the car, remote heating and cooling, contactless refueling, payment of fines, the ability to use carsharing cars simultaneously with the subscription, as well as setting up family access to the car.

The subscription includes scheduled technical inspection and tire fitting, extended comprehensive insurance, OSAGO and life insurance. In the event of a breakdown, the user can call a technician who will fix the car on the spot or take it to the service station and return it back.

You can also order additional services in the application, such as washing, refueling or driving a car anywhere in the city. Drive employees will do everything themselves, the presence of the client is not required for this. There will also be a round-the-clock support service where you can clarify your questions.

The total subscription price depends on the rental period, car novelty, model, mileage and other factors.

For example, a new Volkswagen Polo with an annual mileage of 16,000 km costs 19,000 rubles a month, and a BMW 5 Series from Drive Park with the same mileage costs about 49,000 rubles.

Payment is debited once a week, monthly or in full at once – as the user chooses. The user pays for refueling, regular car washes and paid city parking.

Dan Taylor
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