Yandex.Drive Will Increase Premiums/Costs For More Accident Prone Drivers

Carsharing Yandex.Drive warned in the application that prices for “sloppy” drivers may rise from May 11.

The company confirmed that the service is launching a new system for analyzing the driving behavior of users: the update will be introduced gradually from May 11. The exact level of price rises has not been specified.

How Is This Calculated?

The algorithm will analyze the last 200 km of trips (or as much as the driver managed to drive), as well as driving harshness (hard braking, sharp turns, and so on) and speeding. All violations will be marked in the travel history with special dies.

The service clarified that at the first violation, Drive will warn the user in the application, indicate the violation, and give advice on how to drive more accurately.

For those who do not respond to these warnings, the cost of renting Drive cars may become higher due to the higher risk of accidents and, accordingly, more expensive insurance. If the driving style does not change, then the Drive may block access to the service – first temporarily, and then permanently.

As soon as driving becomes accurate, insurance conditions become more profitable, and prices return to their previous level, noted in the car sharing. Drivers who do not break the rules will not be affected by price increases.

Source: VC.RU

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