Yandex Enhances Product Display in Search Results

Yandex has revamped how store products are displayed in its search results, aiming to streamline the shopping experience for users. The new layout presents products in a unified format and single column in desktop search results, making it easier for users to compare offers from different sellers.

The updated “Prices in stores” block is now integrated directly into the main search results, appearing between the first and fourth positions. This block features three product listings, each accompanied by an image and description. This native integration ensures that crucial information such as product characteristics, advantages, and reviews are readily accessible to users, aiding in informed purchase decisions.

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For sellers, inclusion in the “Prices in stores” block requires transmitting accurate images, descriptions, and prices in the YML feed. Those not yet compliant with these requirements need to update their feeds to meet the necessary standards.

This update reflects Yandex’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and support sellers. By providing a more intuitive and informative product display, Yandex aims to simplify the shopping process and improve visibility for store products.

This initiative is part of Yandex’s broader strategy to leverage its technological advancements, including its recently released open-source library for accelerating neural network training.

Source: Yandex Blog

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