Yandex.Food Switches To Daily Payments To Restaurants

Yandex.Food introduces daily payments to restaurants – the service plans to help food establishments reduce the cash gap and make their business more stable in the face of increased uncertainty.

According to the press service of the service, from today all connected restaurants have already been transferred to daily payments for orders for delivery.

Daily payments are introduced for two weeks – until March 14, with the possibility of extension. Restaurant owners will receive them on weekdays, and a letter with a breakdown of orders and payments for the week, as before, on Mondays.

Note that Yandex.Market also switched to daily payments and set a minimum acquiring rate of 1%. In addition, as part of the support for sellers, the store quality index was frozen at the values ​​of the morning of February 24th. The actions of sellers now have no effect on the number of orders received on the site.


Dan Taylor
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