Yandex.Fuel Reaches 100,000 Users Per Day

The number of payments for fuel in Yandex.Fuel stations in the third quarter reached 100 thousand per day. In total, users refueled through the service 7 million times, which is 61% more than in the second quarter.

In total, in the third quarter, users paid for fuel through Yandex 6.8 billion rubles, which is 79% more than in the second, and 338% more than a year ago.

It’s estimated that 167 million litres of fuel has been purchased via Yandex.Fuel.

In the third quarter, taxi drivers and company drivers poured 88 million liters. Compared to the previous quarter, they purchased twice as much fuel.

According to Artyom Prudnikov, Head of Yandex.Fueling:

Since March 2020, the strait in Moscow has grown by 300%, and in other regions by 200%.

The company (Yandex) has also increased the number of filling stations – a thousand were added during the quarter, and now there are 6671 stations in service. Already 25% of filling stations in Russia work with Yandex.Fuel stations, and by the end of the year it is planned to connect about 400 filling stations.

Avril Conroy, the Vice President for Retail Business Development at Rosneft was quoted by the Yandex press service:

Taking into account the current situation, we note the high demand for contactless payment for fuel and the potential for the development of other remote services. Since October 1, 2020, we have integrated the Family Team and BP Club loyalty programs into the Yandex.Fuel mobile service. Now the client, paying for fuel in the application, can link his loyalty card and receive points for each remote refuelling.

You can read more about Yandex.Fuel here.


Dan Taylor
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