Yandex Has Gamified Reviews On .Market

Stores on the Market can increase the interest of shoppers in their products through reviews. A large number of reviews attracts users more strongly, which helps to increase the number of orders.

To increase the number of reviews, you can now connect the new service “Reviews for Points”. After users rate the purchased goods and leave reviews, in return they will receive cashback points for the Yandex Plus subscription. The size of the cashback is determined by the seller himself.

The size of the cashback, which is debited from the seller’s balance, is set when the service is activated in the personal account. Users receive this cashback if they bought products on the Market and left reviews about them.

The seller can indicate how many reviews they want to collect. According to Yandex.Market, at least 10 is enough to influence the conversion to orders. This number includes both point reviews and regular reviews.

As soon as the required amount has accumulated, the Market will stop collecting reviews for Plus points. If you want, you can increase the target number of reviews or remove them so that they accumulate continuously.

The cost of one review consists of the assigned points (1 point = 1 ₽ ) and the Market commission – it is 10% of the number of points. For example, if you assign 50 points, 55 ₽ or 1.67 USD will be debited.

Dan Taylor
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