Yandex Has Identified 12 Areas Of Sustainable Development

Yandex has presented the Sustainable Development Agenda – a list of priority areas for the company in social, environmental, and corporate governance (ESG).

Yandex spoke about what has already been done in each direction in its first sustainability report. The report will be published annually – this is another step towards increasing the company’s transparency.

The agenda unites 12 areas of sustainable development. Some of them, such as the quality of services, information security, and employee well-being, have always been among Yandex’s priorities. Some, like waste management and carbon footprint reduction, are relatively new: there are areas of growth and a lot can be improved with the help of the company’s technologies.

You can read the report, and view graphics outlining the sustainable development areas here.

In order to draw up a sustainable development agenda, Yandex has systematized all of its projects and initiatives related to the impact on the economy, nature and society. This made it possible to determine in which areas of life the company is already making a significant contribution and in which it can be useful in the future.

The agenda is part of Yandex’s first ESG report. In it, the company told what steps in the field of sustainable development have already been taken in each of the priority areas. For example, from the Information Security section, you can find out what measures Yandex is taking to protect user data, and from the Environmental Responsibility section, how it estimates its carbon footprint.

The report also provides a variety of numbers and facts, from the number of patents granted to company employees to the amount of investments in educational projects. Some indicators – for example, the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions by Yandex infrastructure – are disclosed for the first time.

Dan Taylor
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