Yandex Has Launched The “Help is Nearby” Project In Kazan

Yandex’s social project “Help is Nearby” has started operating in Kazan. Now charitable foundations that help people with limited mobility in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan will be able to transport their wards by taxi for free.

Trust funds and their accompanying persons are transported by drivers from taxi companies – partners of the Yandex Go service. All drivers have a high rating, and before starting to work with the Help Nearby project, they undergo special instructions.

Now eight charitable foundations operating in the city are connected to Help Nearby. These are Children’s Sledge Hockey League, Spina Bifida, Galchonok, Movement Up, ORBI, Fragile People, Alpari and Gift to the Angel. They all take care of people with special needs.

Trips are paid for from Yandex funds and user donations. Everyone can support the project – just enable rounding in the Yandex Go app. After that, the cost of each taxi ride will be rounded up to a multiple of ten. For example, if the trip cost 142 rubles, 150 rubles will be debited from the card. The difference will be aimed at paying for a taxi for people with limited mobility.

As a reminder, Yandex launched Help Nearby in March 2020. The project is now organizing free taxi rides in 16 Russian cities. Over the past six months, the wards of charitable foundations have made more than 37 thousand trips. More than 70 thousand drivers are involved in the project.

The number of users who regularly donate to charity in Yandex services has reached 200 thousand. Since the beginning of December 2020, they have collected a total of more than 9.5 million rubles, thanks to rounding of checks in taxis.

Yandex also offers non-profit organizations free access to their services for business and provides grants for placement of public service announcements – is also part of the project “Assistance to close.

Source: Tatar

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