Yandex Has Sold Over A Million Smart Speakers

Sales of smart speakers with voice assistant Alice reached 1.3 million devices.

The main share of sales falls on Yandex.Station and Station Mini, the rest is Yandex.Station Max and smart speakers of partners, in which Alice also lives.

Andrey Zakonov, the Head of Alice services has been quoted in the Yandex announcement saying:

We are very pleased that people like the speakers with Alice. From a visionary technological experiment, they have grown into a truly mass product, and this is a great success. Already more than a million speakers with Alice help people listen to music, watch movies and manage smart homes. We are actively continuing to develop Alice and our line of smart devices and are confident that this market will continue to grow.

You may recall that the first smart speaker with Alice – Yandex.Station – was released in 2018.

A year later, a more compact Mini Station appeared, and in November 2020 the company introduced Yandex.Max Station .

Now Alice is also in smart speakers JBL Link Portable, JBL Link Music, Prestigio Smartmate Mayak Edition, LG XBOOM, Irbis A, Elary SmartBeat, Dexp Smartbox. The main skills and abilities of the voice assistant are available in all devices.

You can play and chat with Alice, she will help in business, answer a question, put on your favorite music.

Source: Yandex Telegram

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