Yandex.Mail Introduces Quick Contact Card

Yandex.Mail have introduced a new contact card feature for Android (the most popular OS in Russia) devices.

Users will be able to quickly contact a person in any convenient way – write a letter, a message in a messenger, or just make a simple call.

The contact card is now linked in Mail with Yandex.Calendar and Yandex.Messenger, and if you click on the avatar of the card, you can not only start a new dialogue, but also see how the previous communication with the contact ended, as well as see the date and topic of the next meeting.

An example contact card for Yandex.Mail on Android devices.

Head of Yandex.Mail, Igor Nikiforov, has said:

Different situations require different means of communication. For example, documents are easier to send by mail, an urgent issue can be discussed in the messenger, and any complex topic – at a meeting. So that people can choose the option convenient for them, we linked the contact card in Mail with Yandex.Calendar and Yandex.Messenger.

The update will be useful for those who use Yandex.Mail for business purposes and want to save time searching for all the necessary information about business contacts and communication with them.

Dan Taylor
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