Yandex.Maps App To Show Metro Station Congestion

Utilizing data collected by the app, Yandex.Maps will now start to show how busy/congested the Moscow Metro stations are — allowing passengers to plan their journeys better, and avoid congestion and busy stations, especially during times of social distancing.

The new congestion data can be viewed from both the web version, or the smartphone application of Yandex.Maps.

Congestion data for Moscow Metro stations now showing in Maps.

When a user uses the route planner feature, or selects stations, Maps will begin to show congestion data using a traffic light colour system, ranging from Green (not to busy), through Orange, to Red (being busiest).

The machine learning model (and algorithm) used to build this feature was a combination of real-time user data, passed with permissions to the application, user-feedback surveys and GPS data.


Dan Taylor
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