Yandex.Maps Now Integrates .Navigator Functions

A full-fledged navigation for motorists has appeared in the Yandex.Maps application. They no longer need to switch to Navigator to use its basic functions.

Yandex.Maps will provide voice prompts during the trip – about cameras, speed limits, traffic jams, overlaps and accidents. Even if you minimize them or turn off the screen, the alerts will continue. The application will also show the nearest parking lots, gas stations, an alternative route and a lane for changing lanes or exiting. If the user already knows where to go, the new Navigator mode will help – it will give hints even without a constructed route. To enable it, you need to click on the icon on the main screen.

Oleg Levchuk, the Head of Yandex.Map service has been quoted in the Yandex press release as saying:

Many people use two applications for different urban scenarios – Maps for pedestrian routes and Navigator for road routes. In order not to have to switch between them, we added the Navigator capabilities to Maps. At the same time, Navigator is still a separate application loved by most professional drivers.

Yandex Navigator, now integrated with the Maps application.

In addition to new features, the navigation design in Maps has been updated to make it more responsive to drivers. Controls are now displayed larger, roads are contrasted, and building heights are lower. In addition, you can choose to view the map in 2D or 3D.


Dan Taylor
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