Yandex.Market Alters The Logic For Calculating The Quality Index

Yandex.Market will change the logic for calculating the quality index for partners. This is necessary because, on average, the quality of work of partners in the marketplace has increased – the new criteria will correspond to the changing standards.

The market has revised the restrictions on orders that partners receive due to a low-quality index. They now look like this:

Quality index Maximum number of orders per day
80–94 At least 10 orders or 80% of the average daily number of orders in the last 30 days
60-79 Minimum 10 orders or 65%
40-59 Minimum 10 orders or 50%

Previously, with index values ​​from 40 to 94, a single limit worked – 50% of the average daily number of orders for 30 days. Now partners with an index from 60 to 94 will receive more orders from the marketplace. Also, after revising the restrictions, improvements in work will lead to faster sales growth.

If the index is less than 40%, everything will remain the same: the goods will be hidden. To resume sales, a quality improvement action plan will be needed.

The principles of calculating each of the indicators has changed – the timeliness of shipments, cancellations, and returns. Now they better reflect the real state of affairs. For example, when calculating the percentage of cancellations, only those orders that could be influenced by the partner will be taken into account. For this, the number of cancellations will not be divided by all created orders, but by the amount shipped (for FBS) or delivered (for DBS) and canceled due to the partner’s fault. For more information, see Help for FBS and DBS .

The transition to a new formula may change the quality index of some partners. However, according to the marketplace’s calculations, the changes will be minor.

The Quality Index report will also be updated.

The index calculation period will be shortened to 30 days instead of the previous 90 – if the partner fixes quality issues that caused the index to below, he will be able to improve performance faster and work without restrictions.

Source: Yandex Market

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