Yandex.Market Have Shared Web Customer Reviews Data

Yandex Market is enjoying its 20th year of service, and as part of more open data sharing from various Yandex products, the Market team have revealed some customer data on how online shoppers leave reviews, feedback, and ask questions around products, as well as which user features they paid attention to the most.

Tatyana Umryaeva, the director of Yandex.Market services, has gone on record to say:

Reviews and questions are an important indicator of interest in products. They show stores and manufacturers what products a potential buyer needs to tell in more detail, what information they lack, in which categories it is important for them to share experiences. Over the past 20 years, the Market has become more than just a price comparison service – we have created many tools for choosing products, including those that enable users to share their opinions and communicate with each other. We help stores and manufacturers to talk directly with potential customers, and our statistics show that these tools are in demand.


Market introduced a 5-point review scale in 2009, and in the 11 years, users have posted more than 2.7-million product reviews and 7.5-million store reviews.

Unusually popular products and product categories in which users have been more willing to share reviews for included thermal curtains and personal bags. Yandex.Station however became the single most reviewed product, with more than 1,700 reviews.

The Yandex Station smart speaker.

Visual reviews were also popular, with the Redmond multicooker having photos with almost all the reviews left for the product.

Household appliances did in fact get the lion share of reviews with images uploaded, with window cleaning spray also coming in the top ten for reviews with images, with users posting before and after shots.

Helpful Reviews

Users have also had the ability to rate other people’s reviews, as well as comment on how the experiences either correlate or contradict their own.

Mobile telephones received the highest levels of support or damnation for single reviews, with the 2014 ASUS Nexus 7 3G tablet getting the most single review “thumbs up” with Dmitry’s review getting 3211 positive votes (at the time of writing this).

Similarly, a review for the iPhone 3GS has 2513 votes (at the time of writing this) because the author has gone to great length to complain that the phone isn’t jailbroken.

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