Yandex.Market Introduces Smart Virtual Assistant To Guide Product Buying

Yandex.Market users will now find it easier to choose products that they do not understand.

To do this, a virtual assistant has appeared on the service: the VA asks the buyer simple questions about preferences regarding the product and selects the best options according to the answers.

For example, the buyer can choose a suitable board game or sports simulator on the marketplace – even if they don’t know how “Jenga” differs from “Munchkin” or what gives automatic adjustment of the angle of inclination in the treadmill.

In the case of a treadmill, the VA will ask about whether it will be necessary to move and fold it, what types of training the user plans to engage in (walking, jogging, speedrunning), and about other additional features.

The VA takes into account the wishes of the user, correlates them with the characteristics of the goods – and shows the appropriate tracks.

In addition to sports simulators, the pickup on the Market is already available for board games, children’s gifts, as well as creams and serums for the face. In the future, the service will add a picker to other categories of goods.

Now the new feature works in the Market application for Android and iOS, this week it will appear on the service’s website – in its desktop and mobile versions.

Source: Yandex.Market press release

Dan Taylor
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