Yandex.Market Launches New Returns Process

Yandex.Market has completely rethought the logic of working with returns. Now the marketplace can make a decision to return money to customers for any goods, and partners can dispute it if they do not agree. The deadline for filing a claim has increased from 5 to 30 days.

1. Details for each refund appeared in your personal account (so far only for FBY and FBY +). By clicking on the return number on the order page, you can see:

  • the buyer’s application for a return, photos of the product and a description of its shortcomings;
  • a status that will help to understand whether the goods arrived at the warehouse and what decision was made after its inspection;
  • how many days are left for the export of goods and their examination to challenge the decision.

During the summer, a similar page will appear for partners who work on the FBS model.

2. Money for marriage less than 2000 rubles is now returned without sending it to the warehouse. This will allow stores to save on storage, removal or disposal of scrap. If, nevertheless, there is a desire to receive inexpensive goods to the warehouse, the option can be disabled on the “Legal information” page.

3. Returns will be counted against the quality index 30 days after the items are returned to the warehouse. But only if it is recognized that this happened through the fault of the store, and if a reasonable claim is not submitted within 30 days. For example, if the order is returned on June 15 through the fault of the store, it will be reflected on the quality index on July 15.

You can read more about the new returns process here.


Dan Taylor
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