Yandex.Market Now Allows All Users To Sell Used & Discounted Goods

Yandex Market sellers will be able to sell used and discounted goods, such as equipment received under the trade-in program, display samples, or goods with damaged packaging. So you can give a second chance to goods with minor defects, maximize your assortment and sell off leftovers.

Sale of used and discounted goods will be available in most categories – with rare exceptions. All of them fall into the Resale section.

The market will show a separate page with resale, and in search filters and on cards, it will allow users to choose the condition of the product: resale or new. Clothing and accessories will have separate cards for resale items.

From October 17, any store connected using the FBS, Express or DBS model will be able to sell resale goods. For now, it will be possible to sell used clothes and accessories through FBY, but later the number of resale categories for this model will be expanded.

Partners who plan to start selling resale need to leave a request. Marketplace managers will get in touch and explain how to prepare the catalog.


Dan Taylor
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