Yandex.Market Partners Can Now Connect To Express Delivery Themselves

Express delivery of goods from the Market has already started working in 5 cities – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don. With this scheme of work, the Yandex Go courier picks up the order directly from the store’s warehouse and delivers it to the customer within 2 hours.

Now stores on the Market have the opportunity to independently connect to express delivery if their warehouse is located within one of 5 cities. In the future, express delivery will appear wherever Yandex Go operates.

Now the same rates apply for express delivery as for the FBS model (sales with store fulfillment): 2% for a sale, 1% for acquiring, 15 ₽ for shipping and 50 ₽ for delivery. In June, shipping and express delivery of the order will become a single service and will cost RUB 125.

On the Market showcase, such goods are displayed with the “Deliver in 1-2 hours” badges. They are collected in the “Express” section, and are also easily found on the category page using a filter.

Connection conditions:

  • Partners are ready to accept orders, pack them and transfer the “Ready for shipment” status (when working through the API – READY_TO_SHIP) within 30 minutes after their receipt. At this moment, the search for a Yandex Go courier begins.
  • You need to register a new store using the FBS model, even if the store is already operating under this model.
  • The store has a warehouse within Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg or Rostov-on-Don. So far, orders can be shipped from only one warehouse, but in the summer it will be possible to do this from several warehouses at once within one personal account.
  • The weight of an order cannot exceed 30 kg, and dimensions – 34 × 54 × 80 cm. These can be any categories, except for perishable and smoking-related goods, as well as alcohol and medicines.
    Express delivery items are paid online only.


Source: Yandex Market

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