Yandex.Market Reduces Commission For New Partners To 1₽

Yandex.Market has reduced the commission for new partners of the marketplace by the end of the year – for all services for the sale of goods, they will pay 1 ruble, and a 1% commission for receiving and transferring money.

Thus, Yandex.Market almost completely compensates for the commissions for registration and placement of goods on the showcase, storage of goods, order processing and payment for delivery. If the buyer returns the order, then, while the promotion is valid, the Market will also compensate for the delivery of goods from the client.

A partner can participate in the promotion if he made the first sale on the marketplace after November 1. The following models of cooperation are suitable for participation in the action: “Showcase + fulfillment”, “Showcase + delivery” and “Showcase + packaging”.

Ilya Nikanorov, the Head of B2B Yandex.Market was quoted in the release as saying:

We decided to cut commissions for new stores right now so that they can get through the high season with good sales and do it profitably. To stimulate demand for the products of our partners, Yandex.Market regularly holds promotions for users. So, on November 11, we arranged a big sale and distributed 100 thousand Market Bonuses to customers for a 50% discount, which was at our expense, and not at the expense of partners. This allowed a significant increase in the number of orders, and the share of partners’ sales from the marketplace turnover reached 67% that day. There is still Black Friday and the New Year ahead, and here we also have something to pleasantly surprise our partners with. The main thing is to have time to connect to the marketplace.

How The Discount Works

During the month, the Summary and the Marketplace Services report will display the full cost of hosting services. But in the closing documents, which we will send within 7 working days after the end of the billing month, it will be indicated that the cost of placement services on the marketplace is 1₽.

The promotion is valid only for new partners of the Market. If the partner already has a store that sells on the marketplace, and he registers another one (for example, to work in a new region), then he will not be able to participate in the promotion.

Dan Taylor
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