Yandex.Market Stores Started Connecting to Express Delivery

Yandex.Market has started to connect stores to express delivery in pilot mode. The Yandex Go driver picks up the order directly from the store’s warehouse and takes it directly to the customer. Thanks to this, delivery takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours – depending on the client’s address.

On the Market showcase, such goods will be displayed with “Deliver in 1-2 hours” badges. They will be collected in the “Express Delivery” section, and can also be easily found using the “Deliver today” filter.

Express delivery is currently being tested in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Soon it will become available to residents of St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, and by the end of the year it will work in other cities.

For express delivery, the same tariffs apply as for the FBS model (sales with store fulfilment): 2% for the sale, 1% for acquiring, 15 ₽ for the shipment of the order and 50 ₽ for the delivery of the goods.

Stores can connect to express delivery if they are ready to accept, pack and transfer orders to the Yandex Go driver within 30 minutes . The driver will call the phone number specified in the warehouse settings.

In addition, the store’s warehouse must be located within the city where express delivery works. The weight of the order cannot exceed 20 kg, and the sum of the length, width and height – 150 cm.Under this scheme, you can sell any goods, except for perishable and related to smoking, as well as alcohol and medicines.

Note that in February, Yandex Go superapp launched an express delivery service for businesses based on 1C. Now, instead of organizing the work of its own delivery service, a company of any size can launch express delivery through the 1C interface.

To integrate with delivery, you need to connect the new 1C: Courier service in the 1C accounting system, as well as conclude an agreement with Yandex Go. For users who are officially supported by 1C, the package is provided free of charge.


Dan Taylor
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