Yandex.Market Testing New “On Click” 15 Minute Delivery

Moscow users of Yandex.Market can now receive their online order “on click” in 15 minutes, and also add products from Yandex.Lavka to it.

The market became the first service that began testing a new logistics solution from Yandex Go. Now the user can place an order on the Market with delivery to local darkstores, which are available in almost every district of Moscow, and from there, at any time, call a courier – he will deliver the goods to the exact address the next day within 15-30 minutes.

Such delivery by click is convenient because the client can control the time of receipt of the goods, and not wait for the courier all day in one place.

Thanks to the joint project of the two services, you can add fresh products from Yandex.Lavka to any order from the Market: vegetables, fruits, bread, milk. For example, for a gift purchased on the Market, the user can order a cake and candles for the birthday person.

New “On Click” delivery functionality.

Now this delivery method works in Moscow Yandex.Lavki. You can use it when ordering up to 10 thousand rubles and weighing up to 10 kilograms through the Yandex.Market mobile application. Users have access to an assortment of more than 1.5 million products on Yandex.Market and 2500 products on Yandex.Lavka.

Dan Taylor
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