Yandex.Market To Produce Goods Under Own Name Brand

In July last year, I covered how Yandex.Lavka where launching a range of goods under the “From the shop” brand name, their own brand.

Now, over a year later – Yandex.Market is following in the same direction and will be launching a range of products under the brand “By the way, on the Market”.

The difference between the new brand and the old, .Market brand is that the products “By the way, on the Market” will be available throughout the country, and not in the cities of Yandex.Lavka’s presence, and secondly, it is aimed at purchasing for future use and can be sold at volume discounts.

Yandex now has about ten manufacturing partners, including Novaprodukt and Belevskie Sweets.

Market experts point out that marketplaces need their own brands both to improve financial performance and to close categories that have not yet been presented. In their opinion, launching the By the way, on the Market brand, Yandex will rely not on premium quality, but on pragmatism and rationality.

But this step may also cause outrage among competing partners, since Yandex will be able to promote its products on the site for free.


Dan Taylor
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