Yandex Market updated the promotion tool for sellers – sales boost

Yandex Market updated a promotion tool for sellers so-called sales boost. Now it allows an online shop not only to raise the offer higher in the search results of the service and the product card but also to show it in the central place in the card due to the reduction in the price of the product.

Therefore, the marketplace has developed an algorithm that automatically reduces the cost of goods so that the store’s offer can get to the first place on the card. At the same time, the seller does not need to spend more money, their promotion costs for the products will remain the same. The seller will receive the amount for the products that initially were set by them, and will pay only the rate for product promotion.


The algorithm itself will determine how much money from the bid to spend on promotion, and how much to adjust the price.


For the central place in the card, the service automatically selects the most advantageous offer for buyers. To do this, Yandex Market takes into account various factors, such as the speed of delivery and the price of products, the more favorable it is, the more chances the offer has to get to this place.

The distribution of the budget for promotion has already automatically taken effect for some campaigns that online shops have launched on the Market. This can be turned off at any time in the seller’s personal account. When creating a new campaign, online shops can now choose whether to include a price adjustment for promotion.

Aleksandra Kelesh
Experienced marketer with a background in supply chain and logistics. Working in SEO, as well as content translations.