Yandex Market Updates How The Store Quality Index Is Calculated

The Yandex Market team announced that the quality index for stores will begin to be calculated in a new way.

The index will be calculated not for 30 days, but for 7, or for the last 50 orders. The newer the order, the more it will affect the index – and vice versa. Old errors will have less impact on the index, and this will help to fix it faster.

If the store corrects the quality errors, then it will be possible to return to the previous indicators in 1–7 days. For example, if a store has more than 100 orders per day, then the index may return to normal the very next day.

The changes will affect work models for which the quality index affects the number of orders: FBS, express delivery by FBS, DBS.

Today, the new calculation has already been launched for some stores. Until the end of May, it will apply to all sellers, about which they will receive a corresponding letter.

The Market explained that if the index worsens during the transition to a new calculation, an increased order limit is set. It is valid for 10 days for large stores and until 50 orders are received for those who do not have so many. The number of available orders will be 1.5 times more than on the most successful day in the last 30 days.

Calculation details and a list of problem orders are collected in the Quality Index Report, which can be downloaded from the Store Summary. More details about the calculation are also written in Help for DBS , as well as for FBS and Express .

Recall that since the end of April, Yandex Market allows you to leave reviews for products only to those users who have purchased them. This way stores will be able to collect more objective feedback from their customers.




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