Yandex.Metrica Now Has Auto Targets for Jivo Online Chat

Yandex.Metrica now has automatic goals for tracking Jivo online chat activity. After all, a message in an online chat is an important signal that a site visitor is interested in some kind of offer. Now Metrica is able to independently recognize messages to the operator and record them in statistics.

Site visitors can use online chat in different situations: open the widget on their own and ask the manager about something, or write a response to an offer of help from the operator. The four most popular scenarios in Jivo were added to Metrica and became the basis for autogoals:

  • The site visitor opened the chat and wrote to the operator: auto-goal “Start chat by the client”
  • The visitor wrote to the chat when the operators were not online: auto-target “Offline message”.
  • The visitor wrote to the operator in response to the automatic invitation: auto-goal “Auto-chat invitation”.
  • The visitor responded to the operator when the operator manually started the dialogue: auto-goal “Manual chat invitation”.

Like any other goals in Metrica, Jivo autogoals can be added to reports and used in Direct campaigns to improve ad performance. Here are the tasks they will help to solve:

  • Where the interested users are coming from. To do this, you need to add auto targets to the traffic source report and find out from which channels chat requests are usually received.
  • Maintain communication with users who show interest, but do not dare to buy. You can select visitors who wrote to the operator and did not leave a request – and show them ads with a special offer in Yandex.Direct.
  • As a reminder, automatic targets appeared in Yandex.Metrica at the end of April. Metrica learned to automatically recognize the important actions of visitors on the site and record them in statistics.

Source: Yandex Metrica Blog


Dan Taylor
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