Yandex & Moscow State University Jointly Launch Specialization In Data Analysis

Yandex and Moscow State University have launched a specialization in data analysis and machine learning at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Graduates will be able to work as analysts, developers, and machine learning researchers in leading IT companies and labs. The program is inspired by the experience of the Yandex School of Data Analysis (SHAD).

In the 2021/22 academic year, a joint study group will be created at the faculty.

to the selection results, up to 40 second-year students of the specialty department “Mathematics” will be enrolled in it. During the year, they will take four special courses in addition to the main training program. The fall semester will be devoted to data analysis in Python, the basics of probability theory, and mathematical statistics. In the spring, students will be exploring machine learning and applied statistics.

The best of them, who have passed all 4 special courses, will begin to study in the interdepartmental specialization “Theory and Practice of Data Science” in the next academic year. For four years – from 3 to 6 courses – students will study various areas and applications of data analysis, modern methods, and concepts of machine learning, approaches to working with different types of data: texts, images, speech.

The selection for the special courses will begin today, 23 August. To join the group, you need to fill out a form and write a letter of motivation. Applications will be accepted until September 5. On the same day, sophomores will have to take an online test: it will contain tasks in mathematical analysis, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics (they correspond to the program of the first year of the specialization “Fundamental Mathematics”), as well as programming problems. The reading of the special courses will begin on September 13th.

Yandex has been cooperating with Moscow State University since 2012. At the last SPIEF, the company and the university signed an agreement on the implementation of research projects aimed at digitalizing education and supporting young scientists.

Partner programs with universities are one of the areas of work of the Yandex Academy. Yandex has been developing cooperation with them since 2007. Bachelor’s and master’s programs are open at many universities: Moscow State University, MIPT, UrFU, NSU, St. Petersburg State University, NES, NRU HSE, ITMO, EU, and others.


Dan Taylor
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