Yandex.Navigator Now Has Route Warnings

Yandex.Navigator now warns about dangerous sections along the route. It indicates difficult intersections, dangerous areas for overtaking, and places where pedestrians can be easily overlooked. This way the driver knows in advance what to look for first on the road. Warnings will appear in Yandex.Maps soon.

Hints are displayed on the Navigator map with special characters. You can also enable voice alerts. Then if the driver exceeds the speed, when approaching a dangerous section he will hear, for example: “Ahead is a dangerous section for overtaking.”

To make the new function work, Yandex’s algorithms analyzed more than 140,000 road accidents from statistics published on the traffic police website.

Accumulations of road accidents were combined into sections, since statistically new accidents are more likely there. As a result, in the latest version of the Navigator, more than 1380 dangerous areas appeared on its map. All of them were divided into four types.


Dan Taylor
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