Yandex.Plus To Simplify Subscription & Introduce Cashback Points

Yandex.Plus will switch to a new subscription system. Now there will be two types of subscription: Plus – for one person and Plus Multi – for a family. All subscribers will receive cashback in points on Yandex services.

After the update, the capabilities provided by Yandex.Plus will expand.

Users with Plus and Plus Multi will have access to the entire subscription catalog of the online cinema KinoPoisk HD – more than 7700 films and TV series.

Previously, only those who purchased a KinoPoisk HD subscription had full access to it. Users with a KinoPoisk HD subscription will receive Plus Multi and can connect three more people to it.

Yandex.Plus Subscription Plans

Subscribers will also start receiving cashback in points. A part of the expenses they make on Yandex services will be returned in the form of points. Later, points can be earned and spent in Food, Shop, Beru and other services.

The new subscription system will launch in August. For new users, Plus will cost 199 rubles, and Plus Multi – 299 rubles per month. The subscription price for users with a family Plus will not change, and for users with a Plus or a KinoPoisk HD subscription will remain the same for another year.

Dan Taylor
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